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Biology essay questions, I have a few things I’m not sure of?

I have to come up with an answer for this essay question and you ahve to compare Photosynthesis and Aerobic Respiration. I did the basics but I’m not sure if i have these things correct.where in the cell these processes take place, what types of cells are involved, and the cyclical nature of these processesAny […]

Help with questions about Beowulf?

I have a few essay topics from Beowulf I need a little help with in answering. If you’re familiar with any of these, please offer suggestions. Don’t feel inclined to answer them all. Thanks.1. Throughout Beowulf, there are numerous examples of fratricide. In regards to the time and customs, why would this be the worst […]

Questions on Legalizing Marijuana?

For school I’m writing a essay on the possible legalization and taxing of Marijuana. I’ve just got one question that I can’t find the answer to.Are there any other reasons for legalizing Marijuana, OTHER then to save money?Any/all help is appreciated.

Essay questions?

i have a topic for an essay and im having problems finding sources about it. my topic is: mass media shelters because it only shows what is the most impacted event. please help me find some sources.

Boy In the stripped Pajamas Essay questions. HELP PLEASE!?

Paragraph 5; how about Bruno? He is young and innocent and at some points confused as what to believe, write about the events that made Bruno change his mind about Jews. Why does he end up questioning his fathers and Gretels viewpoint?the short film showed by father in the movie to his soldiers is considered […]

Can you please answer these questions about Australia?

Hey guysI’m writing an essay for uni about Australian tourism and I’d love to get some overseas views. If you answer, please say what country you are from1. If you were to come to Australia on a holiday, what would be the main things you would want to do and what places would you most […]

What kind of essay questions can be asked on the decline of the church’s prestige during early century?

it is for european history AP! 10 points fro any good

I have to ask 10 questions without offending the religion I am studying in College.?

I have to go to the temple (Buddhist) and interview someone of the faith and I wanted to know if anyone could give me some good ideas or questions to ask that would not be offensive. I know nothing of the religion that is why my instructor has told me to interview someone here. I […]

What are the questions of king Menander?

I have a Buddhism test tomorrow and i just know it will be in the essay portion, if anybody could help me out with this i would be eternally grateful.

B’A – Writers: Why it seems I’m just addicted to asking questions today…?

I’m not in a very answer-y mood, I’m in an ask-y mood and I have no idea what’s going to come out. – Do you prefer to write essays or short stories?- Do any of you feel that sometimes (all the time) your alternate world – the one in your imagination – is so much […]