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Quotes from Gatsby about promiscuous women?

Basically, for my English Essay, I’m comparing women in The Great Gatsby and The Picture of Dorian Gray and I have made a point that because after the war, the women were ‘new’, had more freedom and were more confident with sex. I basically said that some of the men saw them as nearly prostitutes, […]

What are quotes that makes you feel sorry for youself 10 easy pts?

for this essay i need quotes that someone would say that makes them feel sorry for themselves like even if they do have it rough

Biblical quotes about non-believers (atheists)?

Anyone know some good ones? I’m writing an essay about the existence of God.

Richard III (Shakespeare) Quotes?

I have an exam tomorrow, and we will be provided with a poem and are required to write a comparisson and contrast essay. The themes of the poem will relate to Richard III’s themes, meaning:deception/betrayalfate/fortunespiritualityself realizationcorruptionworldy ambitionspast/presentgood & evilappearance/realitydeath/losscontrol over self and othersim having difficulty finding good quotes for these themes, can someone help me […]

Where can i find good quotes for the book forbidden city?

i have an rough draft essay on forbidden city and i dont get it at all i am getting so stressed out i need help where can i find quotes?!?cliff notes and spark notes dont have the book on it so that will not help

Quotes that show how calpurnia loves the children in “to kill a mockingbird”?

I need 2 quotes from the novel to kill a mockingbird that show how calpurnia is a mother figure to the children by showing her love to them. 2 is enough but more would be great. And please tell from what page and chapter.Thank you a lot I need this for my essay

How do I rite a esay on to kill a mocking bird and wat quotes shod I use and what characters shod I base it on?

I have no idea how to write this essay help me

Quotes about homework for an essay?

I am doing an essay and i really need a quote that talks about the benefits of homeworkPlease give me the quote and who said it. Thanks

What are some famous quotes from count dracula, from the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker?

For an english assignment i have to write an essaysupporting either dracula being evil, or dracula being good.i need atleast three quotes to support whichever ideaHELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

What parts or quotes of Madison’s Federalist Papers #10 explain that there will nit be a civil war?

I’m not sure if the entire thing is saying this, because it seems the first part just describes what a faction is. But, I need quotes for my essay. I need quotes where he explains that there will not be a civil war because the U.S. is too large to split into two factions, and […]