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To anyone who is good at English and has read Huck Finn?

What is the theme of it? I have an essay for AP English lit tomorrow, and i did not have time to read the entire book, so i got the sparknotes. Sparknotes, however, does not give one central theme, and I might need one. Please help!

Please help me! Read my SHORT essay and tell me if its good?

Ok so for my 9th grade english class we have to write an essay called this i believe. Can you guys read mine and give me any feedback? ThanksThis I Believe Essay Have you ever cared for someone even though they don’t care for you? Have you ever been soclose to someone that it hurts […]

Which one of these ten ideas would you prefer to read about or be interested in? There is a lot of words below?

1. Detective. Detective J (yes, I bet you are shocked. A female detective. She doesn’t have a name yet). She runes a business of detectiveness lol. Business has been slow for her in recent times till she gets a call. She decides to follow up on it and her and a colleague check it out. […]

Hi, can you help me read my intro please for my essay?

Im in 6th grade.Abusing a dog is like abusing your own child. Dogs are a man’s best friend so why does people abuse there dogs? There are many ways to abuse a dog and the most recite way to abuse a dog is dog fighting. Since dog fighting has been ban, many people still participate […]

40 points if u read the stranger by albert camus plzz help?

discuss the symbolism of the sun and heat in the book.How did they effect mersault and the others characters in the book?i wrote it can u see if its good so far i have to write an essaycan u give me a strong thesis statement and edit a little bit more Throughout the novel The […]

Read my college admissions essay?

This is the prompt: Choose an issue of importance to you—the issue could be personal, school related, local, political, or international in scope—and write an essay in which you explain the significance of that issue to yourself, your family, your community, or your generation. Here’s what I have so far. I’m afraid it isn’t intellectual […]

Does this punctuation make sense? please read this short essay!?

When one arrives at locked doors and is forced to drive around to verify the building is open; presumes to take a test in a room clearly unsatisfactory, with inadequate temperatures for testing; then distracted by an employee at the testing center walking in and out of the room apologizing for the situation, is clearly […]

Is there a website I can read from this textbook?

I am waiting for my textbooks to arrive in the mail, in the mean time I would like to start reading for my assignments. Is there a website out there that has textbooks online? I need The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People Vol 1: to 1977 sixth edition and The Way We […]

Read my essay, please?

I have the introductory paragraph and some of the 1st body paragraph. The thing is i don’t know how to finish the 1st body paragraph. What i’m trying to say is that Christopher Reeve was superman and that in itself is a reason he’s a rolemodel but that isn’t the only’s what i have […]

I want to read R.W. Emerson’s essays. Which ones should I start with?

I’m reading Richardson’s wonderful biography of Emerson. I want to read the essays. I bought a volume of them but it’s a 1000 pages of fine print and I don’t know where to dive in first? Any suggestions? I am an American living in Tokyo. Thank you very much.