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Need help, gotta write 3 page written essay on why reasons for Canada’s hesitancy in joining World War 2?

Keeping in mind that Canada was still under British rule ; how many fronts do you figure the British should put up in order to throw into their part of the WWII war?

Reasons why it was the British Governments fault the Lusitania sunk?

The Germans apparently sunk it. In class we have to do an essay on 3 different people who could be blamed for the sinking of the Lusitania. Iv done germany, but im doing the british government as well. im not saying it was the british who sunk it, but it may have been partlt the […]

May someone please give a few reasons why the government should help people with cancer.?

this is for my essay writing.

Three Reasons why Capital Punishment is wrong?

Hey guys im currently writting a essay about Capital punisment and i was wondering if anyone can help me in writting a sentence or a good ideas for a good introduction paragraph >_< but im really looking for three reasons. Help please? –Thanks For Reading And Help

What are some reasons a person deserves to win a car? Need answers ASAP?

theres a contest in my english class and we have to write an essay on why we think we deserve to win a car and i have no idea where to even start. pleaseee help mee!

Give me 3 good reasons why men are dogs?

I am writing an argumentative essay on it…

Reasons dogs are loyal, smart and helpfull?

I’m doing an essay on how dogs are better than cats. i said they were loyal, smart, and helpfull. can you guys help me build on those. rlly prishiated

Reasons puppy mills are good?

I’m writing a persuasive essay and I have so many reasons why they are bad. My teacher needs us to see the “for” and “against” points to the argument, but I can’t think of any solid reasons why they’re good.

3 reasons why capital punishment should be abolished due to the chance of executing an innocent person?

Need help with Literature essay. Need some ideas. Your reply would be very helpful : )

Some reasons why Capital Punishment is wrong…?

Ok so I have to write a argumentaive essay for english and we need 3 reasons that’ll prove our point. I’m writing about why capital punishment is wrong. I’ve got 2 reasons but i’m not sure if they are good. They are:-It goes against Gods Coommandments-It’s a cruel punishmentSo what are some other reasons that […]