recently? essay

Has anyone read Julius Caesar recently?

I have to write an essay but i cant figure out what the prompt wants me to do. Here it is: Many novels and plays explore the dilemma of a character faced with either a morally ambiguous situation or the discrepancy between a personal desire and public duty. In a well-written essay, examine how Brutus […]

What is the best essay collection you have read recently?

“Assasination Vacation” by Sarah Vowell. I loved it.

I recently got my essay that I wrote for my College Writing class and got a C/C- Is that a good grade or bad?

My last essay that I wrote, that paper also was graded with a C. Am I doing something wrong? My professor pointed out that most students in our class will get mostly C’s for the semester or with the papers we write because it’s average. She also mentioned some may go above and some might […]

I recently bought an essay online!?

So I recently bought an essay of the internet for school (grade 12 english) because I had no time to write my own. Its my first time doing this and I know its wrong and all that but I was really stretched for time. The essay is due tomorrow and exams started last week, I […]