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To kill a mockingbird question on Tom robinson?

What was the extent of emotional power on tom robinsons death and how would it have been different if he hadnt have been sent to prizon…. essay questions for my sister any ideas would be awsome.

Main Quotes on Tom Robinson, (character analysis in ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’?

Essay on Tom Robinson and how Harper Lee presents him to us? So I need some main quotes (and maybe page number), please help this is towards my GCSE grade User tags:content

Im the novel to kill a mocking bird what are some ways tom robinson shows courage?

i have read the book and for school i have to write an essay it has to be about atticuses definition of courage i need to find some quotes from the book as proof for why tom robinson is couragous and i only nead a couple more if you could give me som it would […]

I need a quote that Atticus says in the book To Kill A Mocking bird about defending Tom Robinson?

Ok so i’m writing an essay for this book and i need a quote Atticus to defend Tom Robinson, and a page number would be great for the quote to! thank you if u put down an answer!

To Kill a Mocking Bird, Tom Robinson considered guilty before trial?

I’m doing an essay for Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird, and I’m trying to write about how Tom Robinson was considered guilty even before the trial. What would be good strong points in the story to make my point?