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What are some comparing and contrasting facts on Theodore Roosevelt and Tafts views on presidential power?

I need to write a two page double spaced typed essay on this question from two quotes that are stated in the text book. one quote from Taft and the other from Roosevelt. basically Roosevelt believed that his duty was to do anything the nation was in need or demanded for and Taft believed that […]

Is the essay by Richard Hofstadter, Theodore Roosevelt: The Conservative as Progressive’s title a paradox?

How is the title “Conservative as Progressive” a paradox?

Foreign Policy of Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft and McKinley?

I’m not asking anyone to write my essay that I’m doing on this, But I wanted to know if anyone could lay out the foreign policies of the aforementioned presidents. I know Wilson had Moral Diplomacy, McKinley had the Open Door Policy, Taft had the Dollar Diplomacy..and I’m not sure what Roosevelt had. In fact […]