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Saving a document to a flash drive!?

Well I typed a 20 page essay on Microsoft 2007, I don’t have a printer so I had to save it to a flash drive then print it out on our main printer downstairs. Well well I plugged it it, the whole format got messed up, since your main desktop is Microsoft 2000. Like on […]

Saving rates and interests rates and inflation…i’m confused?

i’m doing an essay with the title of “As a newly appointed minister in the coalition government, how would you encourage more people to save and why is saving good for the economy?” and i’m just trying to get my head around this all. first time i’ve entered the domain of economicsthe banks are increasing […]

Where can I find the book Gordon Brown wrote in University about saving money?

God knows how long ago it was, but I heard Gordon Brown wrote a book, or essay or something, about ways to save money as a student. I don’t know about finding a copy, but I can’t even find a source telling me it exists, or the name or anything. Maybe it was personal and […]

What not so expensive flash drive best for saving essays etc?

Son just started college and needs to buy a flash drive but not sure what size is best. Was looking at a 8gb which is not so expensive. What is the right size he needs?