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A English model essays book for primary school?

I want to buy a good English model essays/composition book for my daughter. Can anyone help ?

What score do I need to get on my essay for California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) to pass?

The scale is 1-4do I need a 3?

What type of paper/essay is best to send in for graduate school admissions?

they want a 15-20 page paper (usually a paper that you did for a course) demonstrating your writing abilities. so what kind of paper? research, analytical, original research, etc?

What is the difference between a dictator and a school bully?

I have this homeowrk to write a compare and contrast essay about the dictators and school bullies!so i know the simmilarity between then but i dnt know the differences! can anyone help! User tags:yhs-ddc_bd

Can the IB coordinator at my school kick my friend out of full IB?

The IB coordinator at my school told students that we needed to have our extended essay rough drafts due on the first day back to school, which was this past Monday. Lots of people in our full IB group didn’t have the amount of pages for the extended essay necessary but it didn’t seem to […]

Can i get into a 6/7/8 med school program?

Ethnicity:ArabGPA:Weighted is 98.7 Attends 43 best high school in country Sat2: 750 us history, 700 bio Sat: PendingAwards1. 8 Honor Rolls (3 Freshmen year, 2 Sophomore Year, 3 Junior Year) 2. 4 Merit Rolls (1 Freshmen Year, 2 Sophomore Year, 1 Junior Year) 3. Highest Average in AP Psychology (2009-2010) 4. Perfect Attendance (2007-2008), (2009-2010) […]

Should I bother applying to the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)? (I am a senior in high school)?

*GPA: 4.0 – 98.9 (weighted)*SATs: 1780 — math: 550 critical reading: 620 writing: 610*SOME community service*6 extra curriculars but no leadership roles*pretty good at writing admission essays (personal statements)*I don’t really have any hobbies other than doing homework and hanging out on the computer or with friendsShould I even bother applying to UPenn?Do I even […]

What are some aspects of school life in Japan?

I’m in the editing stages of a essay on Japanese School Life I’m working on for a personal project, and there are a few points I’m not really certain on/have only seen in more realistic representations of school life in anime:-Parents pay for schooling, whether public or private-Uniforms are custom tailored for students-They change into […]

Med school application essay problem?

I have always wanted to be a doctor (ever since I was a young child) and am not short on reasons why but I am having a hard time compressing it into a fun to read and very good essay. I have tried but end up sounding very cheesy (because I want to express how […]

I am so nervous because I have to read an essay at a school assembly tomorrow! Please help!?

A few weeks ago, we had to write essays about what it means to be an American. Tomorrow veterans are coming to my school because veterans day was this week. Anyway, tomorrow there will be an assembly, and my essay was chosen, so my teacher wants me to read it. I am so nervous and […]