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Should Cesar Chavez day be recognized by California schools?

I have to write an essay for history on whether or not Cesar Chavez day should be a day off for my school district. I don’t really have a stance on the issue. I need to pick a side and the side has to have three concrete reasons (not “because I want the day off” […]

Why do parents send their boys to government run co-ed schools?

When there is a bank of evidence that shows that boys do much better academically at single sex schools with mainly male teachers? I went to such a one and we got the best marks on average in the state, despite the curriculum being very gender biased towards girls, i.e. heavy influence on English, dumbed […]

Should sex education be increased in schools in an attempt to curb problems such as teenage pregnancy & STD’s?

I’m doing an argumentative essay , so i need different points of view .. i know i could put this in education but i thought it would be better coming from parents and women who were/are teen mothers. Also if you’ve had an STD you don’t have say, but i would like your opinion on […]

Who are the supporters of california budget cuts with schools?

I have an essay due in political science and i could see how a lot of people are opposers of the california budget cut in schools but what kind of people would actually support them? i know some politicians would worrying about their pays getting cut but that is about it..

How many of these schools can I get into?

So, now that all of my applications are in, I was wondering what people think my chances are at the schools I applied to. The schools I applied to are:1.Amherst College2.SUNY Binghamton3.Boston University4.Bucknell5.Carnegie Mellon6.Cornell7.Duke8.SUNY Geneseo9.Johns Hopkins10.Northeastern11.RPI12.SUNY Stony Brook13.Tufts14.WPI15.YaleYes I know, long list… Amherst and Yale were basically to please my insane dad who thinks I […]

Will i get into these california schools?

Hi I’m from the northeast and I just wanna move out to california. I want to apply to certain schools out there and with the credentials stated below I would like to know if any one can tell me if i can get into these schools. Keep in mind that makes me an out of […]

What do you think schools should do about bullying?

im doing an essay and would like to know your opinion about bullying or anything you would like to point out. Thank you.

College writing class argumentative essay: Should the gov. control the foods offered in schools?

Obesity in children is becoming a huge problem in our society today. The government is imposing specific laws to eliminate all fatty or sugar based foods (junk food!) in schools. For example; kids won’t be allowed to bring in cupcakes or cookies for their birthday treats anymore, etc. The cafeteria will not sell any type […]

Do test scores effect the school’s budget?

I’m doing an essay about Single-Gender schools vs. Coed schools. And I know that SG schools have better test scores, but since my schools broke we’re still in debate about if and how we’re going to do this. But my idea was that if they thought that we’d get better test scores in an SG […]

I need at least 5 quotes against school uniforms in schools for an essay! please help!?

[external link] …Skip to the cons. The pro section is all a bunch of BS.