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Im getting mixed signals can some one help me disipher them?

Ok so theirs this guy at work and as soon as I met him we started flirting and even made up pet names for each other. Once we were flirting in the break room and he said he didn’t work with each other for the whole next week and we would have to go a […]

I need something about tolerance/accepting some connection etc.?

i am writing an essay of tolerance an intolerance and i need something about tolerance for example: excepting others to be ur friend

Who were some colonists during the Revolution that remained Loyalist because they were happy/prospering?

I have a history essay due after break and I need some examples! I need to find examples of colonists during the American Revolution who remained Loyalist because they were happy/prospering under the current conditions and saw no reason to change.

(mature responses) I want to go Study abroad,and i’ve found some scholarships im just having a difficult time?

Writing the essays.Im not a very good at writing period. Or even expressing my self.Does anyone one have any good ideas or examples? i keep on coming blank when im finding something to write about myself.I want this so bad, i just don’t want to lose this opportunity because i couldn’t express myself. Does anyone […]

I need some REALLY good ways to go to nicaragua on a mission trip.?

So my church goes to nicaragua on a mission trip during spring break. I cant afford to go so i applied for the scholarship. For it you have to write an essay on reasons why you want to go. PLEASE HELP ME! i know reasons like it will be good to experence new things and […]

Is oppression good in some cases?

writing an essay on oppression and my thesis says that it’s a bad thing.but now i need an antithesis, can someone help me?

I need some differences between Italy and Vegas, except the language?

I need to do a comperison contrast essay, and my two items are Italy and Vegas and the question is which is better to be visited for 21th birthday?

What are some contributions that The Odyssey has made to our culture?

I have an essay on this question and I also need to know what contributions one of these others have made on our culture (The Aeneid, The Prince, or Candide). Just one of them please. Any ideas?

I have to write a memoir, what are some good “themes” to think about?

I don’t even know where to start. This is only a 1000 word essay. Help please?

I Need Some Story Ideas Please!?

Okasy so my creative writing class we have until next Friday to write a 5-10 essay and it has to be fictional. See after watching Afro Samurai i was heavenly influence to write something like that. And if you heard Quentin Tarantino new movie Django Unchained which follows the journey of a free slave as […]