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Help with ‘A view from the bridge’ please someone?

I’m in Year 11 and one of my assigned coursework is ‘A view from the bridge’, which I already have done but the teacher returned to me today as I totally flopped it. The question for the coursework piece is: Describe the relationship between Eddie and Catherine in ‘A view from the bridge’Can someone please […]

Just quickly or briefly can someone explain to me the history of Jazz?

I don’t need like a 900 page essay, i just need a brief summary of Jazz from New Orleans.

Can anyone help me? I have an essay about a dramatic change… can someone proofread it! 20 points!?

Can someone help me proofread edit and revise my story its looking bad and I need help Can some one proofread it by like copying and pasteing it nd editing it or someone cud help me by just giving me sum strong opinions I wud appreciate them both! it if u like it just keep […]

Can someone help me to check this essay…!?

I’m a english student and my teacher wants me an essay about my own bedroom.please help me to check the wrong things in it.I know It’s too long but please help me:Everyone bedroom shows their interests and so their culture so it’s sometimes easy to guess some body’s character,age,country,etc by seeing their bedroom_not particularly but […]

Someone good at maths please help me with my mark?

for my degree in order to get merit one has to get 60+. 50+ = pass.there are two aspects, 1) four modules with one essay for each totally 30% of the entire course in creditsthe 2) aspect is a 15000 word dissertation worth 70% of the entire coursefor the 1) aspect, i got 53 (pass)for […]

Can someone please read my essay and correct any errors?

Can someone please help me with my essay? 10pts? Thank you so much. .One of the most interesting people I’ve ever met is Vincent M. Spade. Vincent M. Spade is man who most people would consider mysterious because of his attire. Although he lives an ordinary life, his job as a spy makes him stand […]

Can someone give me (legit) resource links about communism/capitalism good parts and bad?

I’m doing an essay about communism and capitalism, and while I have most of it finished, it’s mainly opinion, in a way. So I don’t have any resources yet. Like quotes or stuff from a resource. I got quotes and stuff. But i need one more body paragraph, that’s going to be about what could […]

Someone smart please edit my essay?

it has to be showing the emotion of cheerful. thanks!Ellen flounces across the meadow in her new white dress. Looking up to the sky, she calls out, “Good morning!” to the birds flying above her. Ellen gazes at where the rising sun and never ending field meet. She prances after the butterflies that flutter around […]

The plague by Albert Camus- Essay someone help please!?

Also can you please name some websites with information on a possible essay I could do this on besides e notes and sparknotes!

Can someone please help me? about the Asurd Theater?

i need to write about the opinions people have on the absured theater, and what is its relationship to humanity. can you help me wite this essay please i would really aprieciate it. THANX