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How do I cite an internet source IN my essay?

Not on my bibliography but IN my essayfor example lets say im writing this:Dogs can be good pets and need outdoor activity frequently. “Lets say i got that from an internet source like “Wikipedia”, so i put put ” Dogs can be good pets and need outdoor activity frequently (wikipedia) .” ?

What should you do each time you use source material in an essay?

A) Use quotation marks to emphasize important wordsB) Prompt the audience to wonder why you have selected the specific source materialC) Underline the main ideasD) Use only the author’s first name to demonstrate your familiarity with the textE) Connect the ideas in the source to the ideas in your essayF) Provide a signal phrase or […]

Where can I find the source of famous people’s quotes?

For example, Albert Camus said,” Without work, all life goes rotten, but when work is soulless, life stifles and dies.” When and where did Camus say this? If it’s in one of his novels or essays, which one? what page?

What’s a primary source document on the electoral college?

I’m writing an essay answering the question”Should the Electoral College be eliminated?”I need a primary source document. Suggestions? User tags:electoral college mini q answer keyelectoral college mini q essayelectoral college mini-qelectoral college mini-q answers

Can anyone tell me how much the Constellation Program would have cost if not canceled, including your source?

The Constallation Program was initiated by Bush and was later canceled by Obama, and it was a project of NASA. I need to know how much it would have cost to go through with the program, and for my essay, I need to know my source so I can cite it.

The British Empire was founded on piracy – Source?

Hi, I came across said statement and I was wondering if there are any books/essays or quotes based on the nature of this statement? Thanks for your time.

Is drawing or sketching of a photograph a type of primary source?

I am currently doing an essay on The Daintree Rainforest. I can’t go there to take photographs and I don’t know anyone who has been there.Could someone please give me some ideas on obtaining a primary source?If I draw or sketch a photograph, will it consider as a primary source?

Does anyone know when the last person who died from a rabid dog bite? Need it for an essay so source is a must?

Doing an essay for extra credit on rabies in English so I can pass. Doing it on Rabies.

Is an essay printed out from a .pdf document considered an online or print source? How do I cite it MLA style?

I’m writing an annotated bibliography, and one of my sources is an essay that I printed out from a .pdf that I downloaded off the Internet. Would this be considered an online source? I’m asking because I think it is, but I’m not sure. If it is, how should I cite it?

Why does a dog need more meals a day with a cheap dog food brand? include a source plz?