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Racism Thesis Statement. HELP!?

I have to write a essay on racism with the minimum of 3 texts studied this year. The two books are The Merchant of Venice and the other, To Kill a Mockingbird. I need some help thinking of a thesis statement.

Help with ovarian cancer thesis statement.?

I need a thesis statement for ovarian cancer for an essay can someone help please?

“Communism creates a more just society then capitalism.” Access the validity of this statement.?

I am having a test and this is one of the essay title Can you tell what do you think (the more the better)I want to get a high mark Oh and my test is on Monday the 15th

What is a good childbirth thesis statement for an essay?

I have to write a five paragraph illustrative essay. I chose the topic childbirth but i’m stuck on my introduction paragraph which includes the thesis statement.

Help with Of Mice and men thesis statement?

I am writing an essay on the treatment and lives of African-American in the book Of Mice and Men. I need help with completing the thesis statement as I am supposed to have three sub topics in the thesis statement. This is what I have so far: “Steinbeck portrays the treatment of African Americans in […]

What is a good thesis statement for this…?

i have to compare and contrast early Buddhism and Christianity what would be a good thesis statement for my essay?

Please help me on Prompt#2 for the UC Personal Statement.?

I need you to read my essay, and please please please comment on how I can improve it. Thanks Prompt #2 Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you […]

How can I rewrite my thesis statement for my essay?

It is for a persuasive essay and I must have 3 ideas why…Teacher said I need to rewrite. Any ideas? :

What would be a good thesis statement for my Julius Caesar essay?

I can’t seem to think of a good thesis statement except for Brutus, but that’s going to be awfully overdone in my class. Help?Here’s the prompt:”Crossing the Rubicon” is a popular expression that means to go past a point of no return by doing an action so powerful that it is irreversible. It is believed […]

I need a thesis statement about Calpurnia from To Kill A Mockingbird.?

I am almost done with my essay, I just need a thesis statement.My paper is about who Calpurnia is as a person.This is what I have written so far:Calpurnia is the main mother figure in the Finch household. She is responsible for the children and the upkeep of the home. She is very respected in […]