status essay

What is the status of healthcare in the US today? and what will the phsyicians/patients of tomorrow face?

So I’m writing an essay for a med school application and this is one of the questions that I have to answer. here is the full question:There are many problems facing healthcare in America today. Describe your interpretation of the status of healthcare in the United States today and those challenges the patients and physicians […]

Does this status mean I have a good chance of getting the NROTC Scholarship?

I submitted my application through my recruiters because I am currently in the DEP. The status hadn’t changed for a while but recently it changed to this: “Application has been submitted onlineYour application is at the Marine Corps Recruiter Command Headquarters for final processing and selection determination. Selection decisions will begin in late August and […]

How does illegal status in this country limit people?

im righting a senior essay and my thesis is: FOREIGNERS SHOULD BE GRANTED LEGAL AMERICAN STATUS…my question is how does illegal status limit these illegal immigrants?…if possible please put a source