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What program should I use to type my Short story?

I need to type a 8 page long essay and I’m gonna have to print it out later on. What should I download for free and easy.

I Need Some Story Ideas Please!?

Okasy so my creative writing class we have until next Friday to write a 5-10 essay and it has to be fictional. See after watching Afro Samurai i was heavenly influence to write something like that. And if you heard Quentin Tarantino new movie Django Unchained which follows the journey of a free slave as […]


For my english class we had to read a book called Success Stories by Russell Banks. Our teacher told us that we had to write a paper on one of the stories but didn’t really explain it to much. I just need some unique ideas on something I could write about!Please help. It would be […]

In literature what does — add to the effect of a story?

I working on an essay about what are the most dramatic elements of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque Of TheRed Death. These, — appear during the second to last paragraph, and i’m not sure what they add to the story or effect?

College essay ideas for “Tell us an interesting or amusing story about yourself”?

I know you don’t know my life story, thats not what i’m asking for.I’ve hit a serious writer’s block on this one, i need to get thinking along the right lines.What are examples of something YOU would think would be amusing or interesting to write about? Or what would you write about yourself?I just need […]

What is the turning point for a main character in a story?

I’m supposed to write and essay on a book and the im REALLY confused on what the “turning point” of the main character is.Here is the exact question:What is the turning point for the main character? Explain why this was an important moment for the character. Please help me! thankyou!

What’s a good idea for a short, short story about betrayal (the main character is betrayed)?

I just want an idea that can be developed into a 600-1300 word essay.

I have to write 3 essays about something that influences society. Such as, TV shows, Poem, a Short Story etc.?

I have to write a humorous or visual argumentative essay, and an Argumentative Cultural Analysis about something that plays a significant role in society. Some examples that were given in class were the TV show the O’reilly Factor and how it shows the division of political parties in the U.S and how they never compromise. […]

What is the difference between a story and a play?

Drama Essay Final Exam Please help!

Example essay or story about the fire?

What fire?If you want an “example”, just Google the fire in question. I’m sure something will pop up.