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College student needs advice?

okay, lets say its 12 at night and I got a research paper due tomorrowyou have a thought going through your headthis thought that you have is soo signifigant to you, soo perceptive, soo much depth that you just have to write it down. ofcourse as this thought has alot of importance to you, there […]

Question on college, GPA and being a resource student?

I’m going to apply to art colleges and culinary colleges, but the problems are that I’m a resource student and I have a 1.89 GPA. My only strong points that could help are my essay writing skills, my California High School Exit exam score, my grades in my art classes and my skill in art, […]

What’s the best PC laptop for a student?

I am 15 and am looking for a good laptop. I do not really want to get a macbook because they are really expensive and repairs are sort of expensive such as a new screen costing $600, which my friend is currently facing. I have been looking at the sony FW series because it is […]

Would 64GB flash storage be enough for a university student buying a Mac?

Or would it be worth it to uprgade to 128GB? Both will have 4GB RAM. Is 64GB enough for someone who just wants to write up notes and essays and ocassionally browse the web? I have a bigger, less portable laptop that I can transfer and store my files on, so that’s not really a […]

Why does a college student need a car?

I’m currently a freshman in college and my parents wanted me to write them an essay as to why i need a car in college and I need some good ideas/suggestions.

Student question – UK?

Does anyone know if I am still counted as a student if I have a 6 month extension for my essays and graduation? (For council tax purposes). Thanks : )

Please help me to fiend student book for download.?

Please help me, I tried to find student book named:from great paragraphs to great essays (second edition) by K.Folse E.Solomon D.Clabeaux second edition.This book look like: [external link] help me to find this…I need to download it…Please.

High school student looking for motivation to do homework?

I’m a junior in high school–taking some college classes too, which I don’t mind–and I constantly run into periods of time when I don’t want to do my high school english/history homework. The subject matter isn’t difficult, I just don’t care for it from how it’s taught. I do consistently good on English reading/writing/vocab/grammar tests […]

IPad suitable for travelling student on long bus ride, yes or no?

I am going to college next year and am currently planning on living at home and travelling up to the college on a bus, which would take about an hour and a half. I’ve been thinking that having a laptop or tablet to use on the bus would be great, so I could do a […]

Student Essays for Canadian Universities?

Does anyone know of some universities that require student essays when applying? can you name some? does the university of british columbia, university of calgary require it? or is it a apply and see if you get in thing..