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Two people who are successful in their minds?

I am writing an essay on how I believe success to be a mental state, meaning that someone doesn’t have to have all of the things that people consider “successful”, like large amounts of money, being famous, or whatever, provided that they are happy and content with their lives, and consider themselves successful. I have […]

How successful were the methods of the WSPU and NUWSS in 1914?

Hey! i have to do an essay about both WSPU and NUWSS methods in 1914. I can not find any basic information about what they really did up to 1914 and what they did in the year 1914. I have to do a big paragraph on each one and then compare their methods and say […]

Are you a successful person that only made average grades in college?

I am a visual arts major and plan to teach when I graduate.I make A’s in all of my studio classes.. it seems to be a huge competition in my head to get the highest A and if i don’t I beat myself up over it for not being the best.but when it comes to […]

Evaluate the life of Spartacus as a Roman slave and explain how he was successful in the revolt?

i recently changed my topic question for my assignmentim doing Spartacus and life as a roman slave and i really need this question answered in essay form. My assignment is due on the 3/8/2010! ON TUESDAY! and i havnt done muchi also need to find 2 sources and back them up in the essay, for […]

Successful legaisation of buying alcohol? BEST ANSWER WILL BE AWARDED?

Countries like Angola and Vietnam have legalised buying alcohol for all ages. What are some successful countries which have done this? How are they successful? Successful meaning the alcohol related crime rates have gone down. Please include facts and figures. This is for a PSHCE essay on Drugs in the UK. I will award 10 […]

History Assignment: ‘How successful was the Indian Problem resolved?’?

Help! I need to write a essay on it and i dont know anything :’[

What makes a successful college campus?! (college essay help)?

I am writting a supplement essay for college and one of it is similar to the question above. I am not asking for an essay, maybe some input or ideas. I want the essay to be unique and NONE cheesey, so no “diversity” and “community service” crap. :] Thanks everyone!

Why does the constitution work? Why has the constitution been so successful?

ok so im writing an essay and i wanna hear your different opinions on this question. it has to contain 500 words so don’t be afraid to elaborate on your thoughts. thxx lotts =]

Is it a good idea to mention my dream of becoming a successful author in my college (application) essay?

To illustrated what’s important to me and what I’m passionate about, I talked about how i dream about becoming a best selling author. Is this a good idea? Or should I take it out?

Why were the americans successful against the british in the war in the south?

I need to know this for my essay exam tomorrow. Im in 8th grade just to let you know