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American Dream and Philosopher suggestions?

My name is Joyce and I’m doing an American dream essay on the Great Gatsby and the American dream. We must use a philosopher’s theory and reason as to why the dream is an illusion or not. I had Plato in mind, as he did have theories on the ideal and non-ideal word, but I’m […]

Need help with Romance Drama film suggestions, i think i have seen them all!?

hey guys im a big fan of romance and need some suggestions of some must see films you all might have…problem is i have an acquired taste and pretty much seen the best of the best…One type i like are labelled as ‘Romance Drama’, ‘dark’ romances which are more sad then mushy, sad films like […]

Feel really ill… any suggestions ?

It started on Friday with a ridiculously sore throat and a temperature, and since then i’ve felt awful – i’ve got headache, a really runny nose, and just felt generally really rough. I also have no appetite (although I have to eat for other reasons) and the past couple of days have felt really sickly […]

Need to write an essay on a show related to biology, any suggestions, need show before friday?

Any suggestions need to write an essay 2-4 pages long.

Suggestions for an essay question… English Lit….?

Hi I’m in my 3rd year of English Lit. I have chosen to do an Independant study, where I have to come up with an essay question and write 5,000 words. I have read Tess of the D’urbervilles, A pair of Blue Eyes and Two on A Tower. (I also plan to read Jude the […]

Help and suggestions on this essay(that’s a rough draft)?

Fashion ad that contains six guys, one naked and lying down, with the expression of pleasure and relaxation, eyes closed. Two guys kneel in front of him as they look between his legs with a questionable grin. The rest of the men are wearing white suits, including the one is kneeling down, while the other […]

I need a hook for my bibliography essay, im writing about Will Smith, any suggestions?

Yeah, I think a quote would be a good idea or a thought he might have had. Put yourself in his shoes.

I need help with an essay for my appeal for financial aid any suggestions?

last semester in college i had messed up my grades because at the end i would have to go help my step dad out because he was in and out of the hospital and was the only person able to help and since that screwed me over i need to write a letter to my […]

I need to think of a cathcy title for my essay any suggestions?

i need to think of a title for my essay it is about skiing anything funny or creative pleasee!

Suggestions on a ‘comeback’ to an insult?

Context: My friend and I share a passion for writing and the only difference is that he is always boasting/bragging about how good he is, by insulting me or my work. Sometimes it can be really annoying. He told his friend to tell me today (because we don’t go to the same school) that he […]