‘teenager essay

Anyone know any FREE writing contests/competitions? Specifically for a teenager?

I like writing (plays, poetry, essays, stories, ect.) and I really would like to get it out there…I really need the contest/competition to be free because i am broke It doesn’t have to have prizes or anything but if it does that would be great! If you could please post a link that would be […]

What is the best/worst part about being a teenager today?

im doing an essay and ive been asking this question but it seems im not being clear enough. i want to know what teens and adults think the best part is, what advantages or disadvantages teens today have ie: more opportunities or luxuries. and when i say today i mean like in the 21st century.and […]

Is this a good enough ‘teenager angst’ essay for my teacher? Any suggestions?

He’s a megalomaniac. He tries too hard to excel in something he knows he fails miserably at. He believes he writes well and forces his unimpressed brother to read every sentence he’s written and comment on it. He believes he’s too important to involve in casual conversation, thus giving his coyness a new name. He […]