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Racism Thesis Statement. HELP!?

I have to write a essay on racism with the minimum of 3 texts studied this year. The two books are The Merchant of Venice and the other, To Kill a Mockingbird. I need some help thinking of a thesis statement.

When writing an essay for college to I italicize the thesis?

One of my classes had me write the thesis italic. Should I do that for all essays?

Help with ovarian cancer thesis statement.?

I need a thesis statement for ovarian cancer for an essay can someone help please?

How does this thesis on capital punishment sound? How can I make it better?

I have an essay on civil rights, and the first step is to choose and wright a thesis statement. Here it is:Truthfully convicted death row inmates of serious crimes need to pay by suffrage in their cells, not by a quick painless and costly death.Can any one please help. Thanks.


For my english class we had to read a book called Success Stories by Russell Banks. Our teacher told us that we had to write a paper on one of the stories but didn’t really explain it to much. I just need some unique ideas on something I could write about!Please help. It would be […]

What should my thesis be?

I am writing an essay on the novel stones by william bell. It is going to be about how realism and supernatural events are blended in the novel. Does anyone have any ideas on what my thesis should be?

Dorothea Dix thesis help?

I need to write a thesis essay about Dorothea Dix, but I can’t figure out what I should argue in the paper. If anyone knows about Dorothea Dix, please help.

Essay on Dreams- Thesis and Arguments?

I’m writing a essay on dreams for my CCA, and need help coming up with 3 things I can argue ..I have no set thesis, I’m trying to figure out what my arguments will be first, then I will come up with the thesis.Any help would be greatly appreciated

What is a good childbirth thesis statement for an essay?

I have to write a five paragraph illustrative essay. I chose the topic childbirth but i’m stuck on my introduction paragraph which includes the thesis statement.

Help with Of Mice and men thesis statement?

I am writing an essay on the treatment and lives of African-American in the book Of Mice and Men. I need help with completing the thesis statement as I am supposed to have three sub topics in the thesis statement. This is what I have so far: “Steinbeck portrays the treatment of African Americans in […]