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What do you think of this sarcastic essay? Read please…it’s pretty funny! ?

My friends and I joke around with our history teacher…he’s really sarcastic and funny…we’re gonna give this to him. What do you think? In the schools around the world students are forced to write countless essays on unusually boring, constantly pointless topics that waste money, paper and time. Not only are we killing helpless trees […]

How do you think Marilyn Monroe lived the american dream?

I’m doing an essay on american dreams and i have to get opinions of others, Please help. thanks (:

I have an essay on Euthanasia. I’m in favour of it…however, can you think of any points?

So far I have points including that it relieves the elderly from pain, it is a freedom of choice, it frees up hospital beds for those who need the help to overcome their illnesses (that can actually be cured) and it relieves funding for hospitals and families.Is there anything else you guys can think of?

Need help with Romance Drama film suggestions, i think i have seen them all!?

hey guys im a big fan of romance and need some suggestions of some must see films you all might have…problem is i have an acquired taste and pretty much seen the best of the best…One type i like are labelled as ‘Romance Drama’, ‘dark’ romances which are more sad then mushy, sad films like […]

Help me think of a creative title ?

My essay is about diversity (college essay) and my essay is about how I have moved over from China recently and have had to learn English quickly. Besides my race…I don’t really even know what else is diverse about me!Anyway, please help me think of a titile! Thank you!

What do you think of Bush’s “extraordinary rentition”?

Just looking for opinions and positions. Not asking you to write an essay, but please elaborate a bit on why you think what you do.

Do you think i can improve this essay?

this is for my college application College application- #6 Eram-ZI have been very fortunate with the gift of being born in a culturally rich country.Diverse religion, dialects, dresses .India is a country where you recognize a person’s background by his religious dressing and beliefs. It’s a modern civilization juxtaposed with different cultural thinking and upbringing.The […]

I have to write a memoir, what are some good “themes” to think about?

I don’t even know where to start. This is only a 1000 word essay. Help please?

Anyone Can Think Of A Good Film Beginning,Except The Dark Knight?

I’m taking film studies and i have to write an essay on a good film beginning. I only can think of triple x, any other?

What do you think of my little brother’s essay?

What do you think of my little brother’s essay? Anyting to add? Thanks. The book I read in the past few weeks was Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the first book. This book was written by Jeff Kinley, who has already written 4 books about Greg, The main character of the book. This book tells […]