this? essay

What do you think of this sarcastic essay? Read please…it’s pretty funny! ?

My friends and I joke around with our history teacher…he’s really sarcastic and funny…we’re gonna give this to him. What do you think? In the schools around the world students are forced to write countless essays on unusually boring, constantly pointless topics that waste money, paper and time. Not only are we killing helpless trees […]

Edit this please? i will reward 10 points?

i had to do a essay for fashion class about Giorgio Armani. Here is the beginning of my essay. Can anyone tell if its okay, and edit it for spelling and grammar ? thank you! On January 31st Lady Gaga light up the red carpet as she arrived in an outfit that looked like a […]

Can you correct this? French to English please xD?

hi, i’m trying to send a message in french to a guy, but my elementaire 4 is not enough to make such a difficult sentence.. in english:”but of course, we think men with long hair are really sexy, but if they use glasses too, that drives us (women) crazy *-*! at least to me (it […]

Does this sentance make sense….?

It’s in an essay and the sentance is “take Drake into effect”. I’m talking about the rapper Drake. And here is some other sentances so that I’m not taking this out of context. “If you sit around like a dope all the time, what are you doing with your life? Not living it, that’s for […]

Can someone help me to check this essay…!?

I’m a english student and my teacher wants me an essay about my own bedroom.please help me to check the wrong things in it.I know It’s too long but please help me:Everyone bedroom shows their interests and so their culture so it’s sometimes easy to guess some body’s character,age,country,etc by seeing their bedroom_not particularly but […]

What are the literary devices used in this poem ?

I’m writting an essay about the use of literary devices. I already have Figurative language, so simile metaphor are all already I’m thinking about-Stanzaid division -maybe allitearion-or caesura?If i wanted to comment on the use of the dash (-) what literary device would that be? and how the poem is divided, that would be […]

How would i punctuate this sentence?

im writing an essay and im wondering how to punctuate the following sentence…..”They were each other’s enemies; he, a Montague and her, a Capulet.” That is how i punctuated it, but im pretty sure that is far from being correct. ” also would i use her or she? thank you(:

Does this paragraph make sense? (Jesus was just a very special human)?

I’m writing an essay… this isn’t the opening part I was just wondering about the last sentance.Jesus’ appearance was that of an average human, he had no glowing halo around his head at his time of living and was not always the image of perfection as he is often portrayed in biblical pictures. He also […]

I am taking a English region this year…….HELP?

Actually Im taking English region this year……But my essay writing skill is suck because I am a bilingual student…..So how do I improve my E.W.S in this few months(the fastest way).Thank You for helping me!

How to relate this quote to the history of the U.S?

I have to write an essay on this quote by George W. Bush: “You’re either with us or against us”. I need to relate it to the U.S about 100 years ago, history. I need some ideas.