title? essay

What should the title of my essay be?

My essay is about the differences between Buddhism, the religion in the book The Good Earth, and Christianity. Im saying that this book brought different religions together because it submerged readers into one culture. My original title was Two Different Worlds but my teacher told me to be more specific. pleas helpp

Can anyone come up with a TITLE for this ESSAY? Best Answer…?

I am doing a comparison and contrast essay on which car brand is the best. I am going to talk about the following points:-reliability-value-performance-safetyIn my conclusion i state that HONDA and TOYOTA are the best car brands overall.Any help would be much appreciated.

What should i title my essay?

i moved to texas for 2 years then moved back to california. whats another word for something that doesn’t last very long? i want the title to have texas in it as well.

Essay Title for Julius caesar?

My essay topic is about Brutus and Caesar’s blindness to their own flaws. Does anyone know some good essay titles for that?

What would a good title for an essay about why we should save endangered species be?

I’m writing a persuasive essay on why we should save endangered species, so i’m very open to any ideas. Thanks!

Help me think of a creative title ?

My essay is about diversity (college essay) and my essay is about how I have moved over from China recently and have had to learn English quickly. Besides my race…I don’t really even know what else is diverse about me!Anyway, please help me think of a titile! Thank you!

Romeo and Juliet Essay Title?

I’m writing an essay on dramatic irony in Romeo and Juliet and I need a creative title, please help!

HELP! Whats a good Title for my Bully Essay?

The essay describes who a bully is, why they bully and how we can stand together and stop it.Please help! Who ever gives me the best gets 10 POINTS!May the best title win! User tags:bullying titles for an essayGood Title for Bullying EssayTitles for a Bullying Paperbullying essay titlegood bullying titlesgood title for a bullying […]

Creative title for a short essay about Shakespeare’s first trip to the dentist..?

so yeah, i had to write an essay / paragraph about shakespeares trip to the dentist back in elizabethan times,but i cant think of a good title for it.any suggestions ?heres the essay ;So I went to the dentist one day because one of my teeth fell out. It was right in the front so […]

Can you help me make a title for my essay? Get 10 points!?

Can you help me make a title for my essay? Get 10 points!?I’m writing an essay about the documentary “Unkown White Male” which is about a man loosing memory of his entire life.I am writing about how he rediscovered himself in the process.I was thinking of the title “Known White Male”But does anyone have any […]