today.? essay

What is one similarity and one difference between the Renaissance and today?

I hate these stupid comparison essays… Anyways, I need one difference and one similarity between the two. Preferable pretty much unrelated to each other. I was thinking of doing clothing for the difference but I’m not sure so PLEASE HELP ME AND FAST!Thanks!

So, who took the MME/ACT today?

Just wondering who took it and how you thought you did. I would honestly have to say I feel really comfortable with the English and science portions of the test, but I did have to just fill in bubbles for the last few science questions. The reading was easy, but the time factor probably played […]

How is the struggle for civil rights still an issue of today?

I have to write a biographical narrative essay about this, HELP!

What is the role of the Black Woman in America today ?

I need to write an essay about it for class but I am having trouble getting started .

Anyone else sit their Higher English exam today?

I hated the critical essay drama question…. I wrote about The Crucible for the tension at the end, but its not a strong essay….. How do you think you did? Has anyone jumped off of a cliff yet? Or done a victory dance that English is over?

7 paragraph compare/contrast essay on how the black students in the 1930s differ to the ones today?!?!?!?


Does anyone have an opinion on musical stereotypes and how they affect the way youths act today?

you see im doing an extended project and would like to know if anyone has an opinion on this matter that they don’t mind me using in my research for my essay… thanks!

Is gay marriage allowed in California today?

im doing an essay and i need to know some short background info on the 2008 vote in californiano links just a basic answer please thanks

How can we honor our veterans today?

we have a big 3-5 min. essay/speech kind of thing on honoring our veterns any ideas on subtopics?

How has the Americain Dream of the 50′s affect us today?

If someone can help me answer this id greatly appreciate it, furthermore, if someone answers, may i get some idea on how to write a five paragraph essay about this question?