topic? essay

Twilight & the vampire diaries. is that a good topic for a compare/contrast essay?

yes, very good topic to work on!Good luck!

I need a killer persuasive essay topic. Not a lame one like the death penalty, or driving age. Please help!?

Why my mom and dad should get back together. (guaranteed tear jerker, even if your M’D are fine. LOL)

Persuasion Topic for an essay?

I need a topic that for a paper! I need to persuade the reader about a particular subject. Not something completely one sided. and not something like (blue or red) personal preference or taste.Any Ideas?

How can i convince my parents to buy me a new car? btw this a topic for my essay!?

Get a job, and tell them they will have to take you back and forth to work. They probally won’t have time and suggest to you that they should get you a car. ( It don’t have to be new)

I desperately need a paper topic for biology (about gene regulation)?

Heck, thanks for clicking *this* question! Because I really need your help.I need to write an essay for the ASHG DNA Day Essay Contest. You can read through the topic question or if you’re lazy, skip to the bottom. The question this year is this:”Genes exert their influence on organisms by being turned on and […]

What is a good topic to write about women?

I need a good, specific, not cliche topic about women I can use for my essay. It can be anything about women as long as it’s not subjective. please help!

Help with finding an essay topic for computer essentials class? You and Computers!?

I need to pick a topic to write about but I can’t decide. It’s for a Information Literacy Assignment (ILA) in my computer essentials class. It has to do something with me and computers and how they effect me and the business management world.. that or I can choose my own topic that sort of […]

Plz write an essay of the following topic: if I were a bird?

write this essay of about 80 words only and write in simple English. User tags:Pet owners say that when they are walking their dogs it gives them a way to socialize with others and gets them out of the house and they feel less isolated

Report help on a business topic……………..?

I need some ideas for a business essay. 250 words minimum, 500 words maximum. The topic is that I am a president of a struggling small/medium size business, and I need to make some moves to make good profits and the customers and employees happy. Any help? I need some more stuff to right on. […]

Can someone write a Chinese essay on the topic “Why I want to be a doctor”?

I was wondering if someone could write one. I’m not lazy just trying to prove a point.Thank-you