type essay

What program should I use to type my Short story?

I need to type a 8 page long essay and I’m gonna have to print it out later on. What should I download for free and easy.

What type of “lighting” did Michelangelo Caravaggio use in his paintings?

im writing an essay about Caravaggio and i need to know what type of lighting he used in his paintings. im not really sure what that means so if you could tell me what that is it would be very helpful. thanks

What type of issues in canada is best for argument essay?

universal health care for all. Is it really effective?

Is this bipolar type 2 or bad depression?

Okay so I got diagnosed with depression about a year ago, and now i think it might have been a misdiagnosis and could be bipolar type 2?I dunno im not trying to be a doctor and self-diagnose myself. But can you tell me what you think, please? Im not sure as to whats causing the […]

What type of paper/essay is best to send in for graduate school admissions?

they want a 15-20 page paper (usually a paper that you did for a course) demonstrating your writing abilities. so what kind of paper? research, analytical, original research, etc?

Identify one type of organism that reproduces without the use of meiosis. Describe the organism, the type of?

Please help, i do not understand this part and it is a part for my AP Biology essay

My teacher says to type an essay by “showing” and not telling?

I’m sort of scared to ask him since he sort of freaks me out… so can someone please explain to me what it means?

What type of hydrocarbons are emitted by cars?

I’m working on an extended essay for biology, and one of the pollutants emitted by cars are non-burnt hydrocarbons, but I need to know whch specific type of those… can anyone help?

Would I pass the CAHSEE if I wrote the wrong type of essay?

For the English portion, they said to write a persuasive letter to my principal. I wrote an essay instead, then realized it was supposed to be a letter. I squeezed in, “Dear Mr. Person:” above my essay, and “Sincerely, …” after the essay. I wasn’t sure if they’d count it in, since the, “Dear Mr. […]

What type of bridge is this?!?!?

I had to make a bridge for geometry, and now i have to write an essay about it. I don’t know the name for it though. It’s flat, made of wood, has railings on the sides that are like