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What do i have to do to get into brown university early admission?

as of may my sat scores arent so great, 540 critical reading, 620 math. my gpa is around a 3.65 maybe higher now. i ve taken 3 ap classes so far and im a rising senior. ive taken a number of independent classes that i take at home. ive been a rhythmic gymnast on a […]

Should I bother apply early action to Stanford University?

GPA: 3.98 (Unweighted)Rank: I’m fairly certain that I’m in the top 10% SAT: 2230APS/honors taken during high school: 10-11SAT II: Math 2 -> 760 Chemistry–> 780Clubs:MUN ——-> 4 years General AmbassadorThe Bridge (Anti-discrimination and charity club) ——–> President/ founderFrench Club—> President NHS FNHS Work:I started a small website developer company that I use to help […]

College admission essay— University of Florida?

There is a box to write in the essay, with a 3885 character limit. In the description, it intructs you to write a 400-500 word essay. My finish essay contains 590 words, but is within the character limit. Should I go ahead and submit it, since it fits the character limit?

Is C a bad grade to get in University?

I am in Film Studies and I got a C in Film, Television and Society class at York. There were 4 tests and it was just writing an essay about a certain part of the material learned and a major assignment which was another big essay with research that you needed to do. I got […]

Forwarding University of California college application?

A few months ago I applied to a specific campus (one of the many) from the University of California. Because I had only intended to send that application to that specific school I included the name of the school in one of my three college essays in the application. A week ago I received a […]

What are my chances into making it to Brown University?

Do I have any chance to get into Brown with 1900 SAT points?With endless leadership positions, president of the senate of my school, senator of my class, the leader of youth in a local cultural organisation etc. awards, hundreds of volunteer work hours, 10/10 grades for all 15 subjects, great at drawing/pianoWork experience: DJ-ing, waiter […]

Should I bother applying to the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)? (I am a senior in high school)?

*GPA: 4.0 – 98.9 (weighted)*SATs: 1780 — math: 550 critical reading: 620 writing: 610*SOME community service*6 extra curriculars but no leadership roles*pretty good at writing admission essays (personal statements)*I don’t really have any hobbies other than doing homework and hanging out on the computer or with friendsShould I even bother applying to UPenn?Do I even […]

What effect will this have on me getting in to the following university?

In my Brown University supplement essay, I didn’t realize until after I had submitted the supplement that I had spelled “nowhere” as “no where.” How big, if any, of an effect will this have on me getting accepted?

Can you have too many references in a University essay?

I have a 1000 word essay with 21 references. Is that too much? None of it is quotes, its all paraphrased

Deferred from University of Michigan. Do I have a chance? What are the admission rates for defered applicant?

What are my chances of getting into the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor after being defered?I’m a senior at Cinco Ranch High School which is ranked about 400 nationally as a public high school applying for college.I have a pretty bad GPA, about 3.27 weighted. mainly ap and honors classesI’m in FBLA and have […]