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Can you get arrested in Canada for using homophobic slurs?

Will you be charged in Canada for having f*gg*t written on stuff (shirt, binder, etc) or for calling someone a f*g/gay?I am writing an essay about how homosexuals are treated.

Was just wondering for use in an essay, when did developers start prodomintly using C. C++ eg in video games?

Just wondering for use in an essay for my University, when did developers start prodomintly using C. C++ eg in video games. I assume it was assembly code to start with for the earlier one’s but I can’t seem to find any source that states when C, C++ eg became more widely used, and then […]

How to cite a website using chicago style formant?

[external link] ‘d like to use quotes from the website above for my Gr.10 history essay on Winston churchill.I’ve seen many examples but if anyone could show me an actual format that would be great.

The essay on using three examples of climate change discuss how we can mitiqate caused?

Could someone plz give me hints : thx!

Which of the following is an example of a test using recall?

Which of the following is an example of a test using recall? a. short answer b. essay c. fill-in-the-blank d. All of these are examples that use recall.

How do I type in Japanese using Microsoft Word?

I’m taking Japanese in school and I need to write an essay anyone know how I can do that using Microsoft Word? A classmate of mine said that he typed in romaji and then it turned into kanji and hiragana.

Using analogies should be limited to which of the following styles of writing?

A. essays B. newspaper articles C. research papers D. Analogies can be used in any style of writing.

Advantages of using chimps for animal testing?

I’m doing a discursive essay on animal testing and I need to know the advantages of using chimps for animal testing. I need some good precise facts and if you could recommend any site that would be much appreciated.

I’m not sure how to cite this quote using MLA format, help!?

I’m writing a summary about an essay from a book that is a collection of essays. When I cite something I quoted the author as saying, do I put the page number at the end?Example: The author, Joe Smith, stated that, “Yadda yadda yadda.” Do I put the page number in parenthesis after the quote?

Using high school essays in college?

just a hypothetical question. I don’t know anything about college essays yet, but if I were given an essay assignment that was virtually exactly like a previous one in high school, could I just print it out again and turn it in?let’s say that it fit all requirements and answered whatever question or guideline successfully. […]