wait essay

Should I wait for Black Friday to get a laptop? And what brands are reliable?

My 3 year old Acer Aspire 9300 just failed me recently. The bottom right corner of the screen just popped out all of a sudden, and I realized it would be very costly to try to repair it. I was thinking of waiting for Black Friday to buy a new laptop, but I’m not quite […]

My school doesn’t have a counselor, and I’ve been wait listed for Brown, can someone help me?

My school, in addition to its lack of a counselor, also doesn’t offer any extracurriculars, leadership opportunities, community service opportunities, class president, valedictorian, nothing! I’ve done as much as I could outside of school, and my course load is extremely heavy ( 11 subjects and 3 additional IB courses) I have top marks, and tried […]