want essay

Any body want to give me a brief summary about the world of Psychiatry?

make it like a 1 or 3 paragraph essay you have to turn it in in a university, in order to get the full points to be picked for the best answer.

(mature responses) I want to go Study abroad,and i’ve found some scholarships im just having a difficult time?

Writing the essays.Im not a very good at writing period. Or even expressing my self.Does anyone one have any good ideas or examples? i keep on coming blank when im finding something to write about myself.I want this so bad, i just don’t want to lose this opportunity because i couldn’t express myself. Does anyone […]

Those people that want to be a doctor, do they actually become a doctor?

I ‘ve read – well seen, many essays of people wanting to become a doctor, but do they actually become a doctor? Many are from, of course, middle school students and high school students. Even little kids say they to.

Can someone write a Chinese essay on the topic “Why I want to be a doctor”?

I was wondering if someone could write one. I’m not lazy just trying to prove a point.Thank-you

I hate my life .i want to kill myself?

lmao just kidding but i really need help with my essay for english i have to write a disciptive essay about valintines any ideas ..im kinda of stuck i wroter a paragragh about the history and stuff .im have writers writers block and the paper is due tomorrow and i have tons of homework to […]

If the Avro Arrow was not shut down, would other countries want to buy it?

Even though the Arrow was expensive to make, do you think that maybe Canada could have benefited from the profits?Do you think that the cf 105 would help the economy? please answer and link me to good websites i need to write an essay on this.

I Want To Have Sex For The First Time, But?

Not Really I am still a virgen and need help with this and have not recieved many answers before, PLEASE HELP ME, it is affecting my life big time. I have asked many times before and need more advice PLEASE help!I’m a 14 yr. old soon to be 15 yr. old girl and my teacher […]

I want to read R.W. Emerson’s essays. Which ones should I start with?

I’m reading Richardson’s wonderful biography of Emerson. I want to read the essays. I bought a volume of them but it’s a 1000 pages of fine print and I don’t know where to dive in first? Any suggestions? I am an American living in Tokyo. Thank you very much.

“The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.”?

my prompt says: In a well-written essay, examine the extent to which Mencken’s observation applies to contemporary society, especially in regards to the making and passing of laws that protect some part of society, the environment, or the economy. Consider how people surrender various freedoms for the sake of protection. Support your position with appropriate […]

Help, you want me to help you if you were in this situation.?

Please i have a test in 1 hr and i just found out on alexander the great. it is an essay question. Please help me. Just give me a breif summary, ten lines on his way of rule and what happened when he died. I will give a best answer quick. if u were in […]