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Whats a good internet article on Global Warming?

I need to wright a two page essay on global warming but i cant find an internet article

I need help with my homework and it says to see whats alike between an apple and a Dog?

i have to write a persuasive essay about the apple and rhe dog thing.and i need help thinking “what are some similar things between an apple and a dog?

Whats an Interesting event in American history?

I know there is alot of interesting events but i need to write an essay for History. The subject is “An important part of American history that still impacts us today.” The essay needs to be 600-800 words, so im having trouble coming up with somthing. Any ideas?

HELP! Whats a good Title for my Bully Essay?

The essay describes who a bully is, why they bully and how we can stand together and stop it.Please help! Who ever gives me the best gets 10 POINTS!May the best title win! User tags:bullying titles for an essayGood Title for Bullying Essaybullying essay titlebullying titlesgood cyberbullying titles

What’s the divorce rate PERCENTAGE for both straight and gay marriages?

I’m doing an essay and I couldn’t find it on google…. );

What’s the dramatic technique where the actors interact with the audience?

What’s the dramatic techique called where the actors go out into the audience and interact with them and often make them feel much more intimidated and uncomfortable. I’ve seen it done in a fantastic modern production of Hamlet where Rozencrants and Guildernstern (sorry for the bad spelling) dressed up in a skull hoodies came out […]

What’s a good opening sentence for an essay about oceans?

It’s about ocean distribution, size, composition, comaparasins etc. Thanks!

Whats the best computer to get for college? (not Mac)?

hello =) Im a second year college student looking to get a new laptop. Im not good with computers at all and dont understand the lingo. Im looking for a Laptop in the price range of $700-$800 to use strictly for school stuff like essays on word, power points, and internet browsing with some movie […]

Whats a good title on survival?

i need a title for my essay. its about survival. please help

To All Americans: What’s Your Opinion of The British?

I am doing an essay on it for school and I want to know what Americans actually think about the British. I have dual-citizenship so I’m neutral towards it, though. Do you believe the stereotype the British are snobby or are you like Seth McFarlane and really respect them just for “being British”?