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Economics Honors (Clinton White House, National Budget, etc.)?

I have a essay due pretty soon and have been doing a lot of research. I was just curious on every ones opinion on this particular topic . If responding please include your sources (such as book titles and web addresses ) . Here is the question,Why has it been impossible for the federal government […]

How were white Democratic Party leaders, who represented the propertied interests in the state,?

1. How were white Democratic Party leaders, who represented the propertied interests in the state, able to convince so many white men that Republican-Populist (Fusionist) political control of the state meant that their wives and daughters were in danger of rape by African American men? Drawing on primary sources as well as the essays in […]

Hi everyone im 15 and i really want the white macbook should i get brand new or old refurb.?

i have a job and im saving up with my own money. i make about $90-$115 per week. i really want the brand new updated white macbook but i cant decide if i should get an older refurbished one for less so i can get it sooner. i would use it for- mostly using the […]

Why do people say Country music is for white people and blues music if for black people?

This is for my essay not a racist comment. Have there been and white blues artist that started in country and what was the reaction with black people.

Can you help me write an essay? Black people are equal to white people because?

This is NOT a troll please help me answer this! SERIOUSLY

What is your take on half asian/half white people?

People consider them to be gorgeous and good looking. What do you think? Is it because they come off as looking more “youthful” (I read that in a psychology essay online) or some other reason? This interests me because I am going to do a low key documentary on half asian people. But what do […]

What was the percenetage of white men vs black men in south africa during apartheid?

i am trying to find this out for an essay that i am writing for a book called cry, the beloved country

How does the apartheid movement of Africa parallel the black and white issue of our country?

essay for world geo.. we watched the power of one and hotel rwanda and i have NO clue how to answer this question.

Why does armond white hate the oscars?

If anyone of you have read his essay on why he thinks the oscar stinks, then please give me a highlight.All his reviews and essays are bullshit and I won’t waste anymore time reading his review where he puts 2 or more complicated words in a sentence that doesn’t go together.

Where can I read the essay A Boy I Knew by E.B. White online?

There is no FREE and LEGAL online copy. Use the public library.