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i had to do a essay for fashion class about Giorgio Armani. Here is the beginning of my essay. Can anyone tell if its okay, and edit it for spelling and grammar ? thank you! On January 31st Lady Gaga light up the red carpet as she arrived in an outfit that looked like a […]

Viewpoint of singer of the song “And The Cradle Will Rock” By Van Halen?

We had to write an essay over the song (total BS if you ask me, but whatever) and we could choose 3 viewpoints: the singer was for the kid, the singer was against, or the singer was neutral. Our teacher said only one was right. I put he was for the kid. Anyone know, and […]

Will the Texas Board of Pharmacy discover my Drinking Charge?

I have to register an application for my pharmacy technician trainee permit and one of the questions stated if I have ever had a misdemeanor alcohol charge even with differed adjudication. Several months ago, I received a Public Intoxication and Minor in Consumption Ticket, which all my requirements have been completed (Fine, Education Class, and […]

Will Obama visit Pakistan to give message to the terrorist that USA is with Pakistan in War of terrorism ?

Why Obama have to visit Pakistan or Why Obama not have to visit Pakistan ?

Which of the following will be the most useful in writing an Illustration Essay?

Question: Which of the following will be the most useful in writing an Illustration Essay about the reasons marriages fail?Answer choices:A. A definition of marriageB. The story of a marriage that failed because neither spouse would listen to the other’s needs.C. A discussion of the various types of weddingsD. A discussion of the history of […]

What is the status of healthcare in the US today? and what will the phsyicians/patients of tomorrow face?

So I’m writing an essay for a med school application and this is one of the questions that I have to answer. here is the full question:There are many problems facing healthcare in America today. Describe your interpretation of the status of healthcare in the United States today and those challenges the patients and physicians […]

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I read julius caesar by shakespeare and now i have to write an essay. I need to explain who the 3 main characters are, who are caesar, brutus and cassius (I already know who they are) and then explain what their actions were during the play and the outcome of their actions (that is that […]

Will you read my essay? For Black History Month?

Proofread? Please (:It’s titled “Inequitable Treatment”We all know about the racism that occurred around the 1960’s. I remember them teaching it to us back in 3rd grade. However, even hearing about it sometimes isn’t enough without detail. Which is why watching the movie, for me, was better. It showed all that was going on, creating […]

What effect will this have on me getting in to the following university?

In my Brown University supplement essay, I didn’t realize until after I had submitted the supplement that I had spelled “nowhere” as “no where.” How big, if any, of an effect will this have on me getting accepted?

What will be an easy topic for essay related to Cultural Diversity?

New here. I have to write at least 8 pages. I need something that I can get a lot of infos from online. Thanks.