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Help with ‘A view from the bridge’ please someone?

I’m in Year 11 and one of my assigned coursework is ‘A view from the bridge’, which I already have done but the teacher returned to me today as I totally flopped it. The question for the coursework piece is: Describe the relationship between Eddie and Catherine in ‘A view from the bridge’Can someone please […]

Help with questions about Beowulf?

I have a few essay topics from Beowulf I need a little help with in answering. If you’re familiar with any of these, please offer suggestions. Don’t feel inclined to answer them all. Thanks.1. Throughout Beowulf, there are numerous examples of fratricide. In regards to the time and customs, why would this be the worst […]

What is wrong with me?

Do I have ADD? I had a scholarship to a respected prep school , but after numerous warnings and a probatiobal period, I lost it because I didn’t do my homework. This is past laziness. I start off well : after a long thought process I can normally write one paragraph and then my brain […]

I need help with my homework and it says to see whats alike between an apple and a Dog?

i have to write a persuasive essay about the apple and rhe dog thing.and i need help thinking “what are some similar things between an apple and a dog?

I need help with vampire research ?

I am writing an essay for English, i have to pick a Historical figure, i planned on doing Bram Stoker but the only reason is because he wrote Dracula, I have to write about Bram though and he’s not interesting. I want someone interesting and HAS to do with vampires any suggestions?

I need help writing an essay dealing with Population and Migration….?

using these countriesUnited StatesColombiaChinai have to figure out why people in these areas migrate to other countries and why people emigrate to these countriesplz help!

I need help with choosing topics?

I have to write a proposal essay. I do not have any ideas what to write about. It cannot be controversial or medical related. It must be a general problem, not a personal problem. Thanks is advance!

Will Obama visit Pakistan to give message to the terrorist that USA is with Pakistan in War of terrorism ?

Why Obama have to visit Pakistan or Why Obama not have to visit Pakistan ?

PLEASE help me with my college essay…?

ok i have an essay..i have to have an argumentative essay between two apposing writers on the same subject. and my subject is helmet to helmet contact in the nfl. and i have to write summaries of the two writers.. how would i state this? she is very strict which is bullshit but. i am […]

PLEASE HELP WITH A MIDSUMMER nights dream essay?

i need to write a five paragraph essay on which couple in a midsummer nights dream is the best example of true lovegive me as many reasons why you think a certain couple is the besttell me why you think the others aren’t better examples of true lovePLEASE PLEASE PPLLEEAASSEE