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What is the best laptop to get within my budget?

I am a junior in high school. My family’s computer is quite a few years old and sits in our living room. I have to younger siblings and it is very distracting to be typing up an essay when they are playing and my dad is watching TV. I want a good computer. I wouldn’t […]

How important is a good ACT score to colleges within California?

i received a 2020 on my SAT and im very happy with that. im only applying to colleges in California. My ACT score on the other hand is not so hot- with a score of 23 (ive only taken it once, damn that test was fast paced!)so my question is; should i retake the ACT […]

What divisions within the Labour Party exist in 2010?

I need to know for an essay. Many thanks!I’ve got the fact that Darling’s economic policies differ from that of Ed MilibandsAnd the fact that the far left in the party disagree with what the right in the party are doing.

How should I start out writing an essay about diversity within students at a university?

Intro paragraph ideas please.

How does the national government bureaucracy operate within the US constitution?

Also, what is the role of the Presidents cabinet?I have to write an essay, but I just don’t understand the question. I dont need a detailed answer considering I am the one writing the essay, but does anyone have some thoughts I could use to jumpstart this?Any little bit of help is appreciated

Why does British gang crime play such a large role within Guy Ritchies films?

i’m writing an essay on how British gang culture has influenced Guy Ritchies films and need some information in order to pursue with this essay

How do you reference a website within an essay?

not in the bibliography but within the actualy essay, do u put the website address if theres no author or the title of the website? and what year is it u use?

What are the appropriate uses of colons and semi-colons within an essay or text?

Hi C.J,If you go to Google, and type the following line into the search bar, you will find answers to all you Punctution questions.410 Grammar: Using Colons and Semi-ColonsToo much for me to include here.Hope that helps.

Differences in race, ethnicity, language, nationality, or religion among various groups within a community?

Essay writings about differences in race, ethnicity, language, nationality, or religion among various groups within a community, organization, or nation

What role does open goverment play within a democratic society and a democratic government?

AND WAIT! for those of of you who are about to say DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK, I’m not asking you to do my own homework nor am I cheating I’m simply asking for some sites of what the heck is a open goverment? a Democratic society and a democratic government?I have ideas but I can’t […]