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Identify one type of organism that reproduces without the use of meiosis. Describe the organism, the type of?

Please help, i do not understand this part and it is a part for my AP Biology essay

I have to ask 10 questions without offending the religion I am studying in College.?

I have to go to the temple (Buddhist) and interview someone of the faith and I wanted to know if anyone could give me some good ideas or questions to ask that would not be offensive. I know nothing of the religion that is why my instructor has told me to interview someone here. I […]

How can I clean the dust from my laptop without opening it?

My laptop’s (compaq presario CQ70 notebook) a little old and slow, but that’s not a real problem, seeing as I don’t use it for more than essay writing and browsing anyway. The main problem is overheating. I’ve got a fan cooler, but it only delays the inevitable by an two hours or so. I’ve googled […]

Does a teacher have the right to bias your score on an exam for writing ‘God’ as ‘god’ without capitalization?

I had to write an exam on biblical analysis and one of the main characters in my topic was ‘God.’ Now, I did not capitalize ‘God’ anywhere in my essay and that is based on my own belief and the thought that I had the right of the first amendment to do that. If a […]

What website will let me read a whole book without buying it?

i need to read a book for a essay that is due and i dont have the book with me ! i need quotes from it to write this essay !

I got a dog without telling my parents?

he was free, the kind out of wal mart, but nowmy parents want me to write an essay about whyi should keep him and be allowed to.what are the most important points to bring out?

I need a quote on why Music downlaoding without paying is illegal?

Im doing a essay on why downloading free music is bad and i need a hook to catch the readers eye. Can anyone suggest a quote or something cool to use?

Is there any other way of starting an essay without saying ‘In this essay i will explore’ and stuff?

I got a C in my english essay and think it was the best I can do so Im tryin anything that will make it sound better. So instead of saying ‘In this essay I will explore..’ what else can I say?

Getting into Brown or Dartmouth without straight A’s?

Hey. I am in the process of applying to college, and Brown and Dartmouth are my top two choices. I was wondering if anyone with experience with these schools could tell me if it is possible to gain entry to these schools with a less-than-perfect HS transcript.My essays are solid, and have done a bunch […]

My college essay without a title?

I am trying to get a scholarship for my ideal college. The topic is “Why is self-esteem essential to motivation?” Any good titles I could use? Please and thank you