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How would you describe a person who is suffering from cancer and the health is deteriorating by day?

I needa use for essay, thank you v much!

I have an essay question on men and women in the workforce and would like everyone opinion pls :)?

Hi guys! Essay question:It does not really matter if, as some educationalist claim, boys struggle in the secondary education system because they will still earn more in the workforce than women. Argue for or against this statement. All opinions would be appreciated.Also sources of the information would be good too!

Would it be too cliche if i wrote a college essay on my ex boyfriend and how he has impacted me?

He has certainly changed my life, but I don’t know if that’s something that colleges have seen over and over and would be tired of reading again. Also, how should i go about doing it? What would be a good hook to open up with?

Are there any books about history that would supplement my “What is history?” essay?

I need to read about things such as: What is history for? Who writes history? How is history written?More about what history actually IS, not a particular history about something or someone.

How would i punctuate this sentence?

im writing an essay and im wondering how to punctuate the following sentence…..”They were each other’s enemies; he, a Montague and her, a Capulet.” That is how i punctuated it, but im pretty sure that is far from being correct. ” also would i use her or she? thank you(:

What would you like to find out about the brain?

im writing a 15 paged report on the brain. yay. so instead of having an extremely dry essay on the brain.. what would you be interested learning about it? i would appreciate allot of questions.

What would a good title for an essay about why we should save endangered species be?

I’m writing a persuasive essay on why we should save endangered species, so i’m very open to any ideas. Thanks!

Out of Antony and Julius Caesar, who would make a better leader?

I need to right an essay on who would make a better leader from the Roman play “Julius Caesar”I initially think it’s Antony since he was generally a good person and knew how to deal with politics. Julius was so caught up in being crowned king and being immortal that he got himself tricked and […]

If you had to write an essay on “One Nation, One Dream” what would you write?

I need help getting started and I’m from the United States of America

How would I answer the essay question; How does Bronte develop Jane’s Character in the book Jane Eyre?

I’m not sure what I should be writing about; should I be describing the different writing techniques she uses, (1st person, pathetic fallacy, etc,) or about the words and language, and how they are effective; or about how her character makes us empathetic drawing us into the story? etc etc.Suggestions please. (: