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Help with my descriptive essay please, and thank you!?

Okay so I have a descriptive essay due and I just want you guys to read what i have written so far and tell me if you think it’s good…Now it’s a quick rough draft so I know theirs alot fo grammar problems. So i have to pick a place and describe it (but not […]

Does this sound like a free response essay to you?

Because it does to me. Provide a short personal statement or essay (up to 750 words) on a subject that interests you. For example, tell us about an experience or person who has influenced you or explain your perspective on an issue that you feel strongly about. Inform us of any circumstances that you would […]

Do brand names of clothing, food, purses, make up or anything else matter to you? Please explain?

I’m writing an argumentative essay about this topic and need some help! Please elaborate

TEENS:Do your parents swear in front of you?

I’m trying to get an idea of how many parents swear in front of their kids for an essay..

How did you feel about the Columbine shooting? What impact did Rachel Scott have on you?

i am writing an essay describing the feelings of this incident. Also if you were never around it but have seen one of the “rachel’s challenge” presenations please let me know your opinions and how this particular girl may have impacted you personally

Why do you love Tommy Hilfiger? What attracts you?

Here’s some questions for my essay paper about Tommy Hilfiger brand.1. What attracts you to the brand? (If not, why?)2. Who are the target group? (Age, gender, income)3. What do you think the brand stands for? Does it represents anything?4. Any other comments…

Question about…Miss World competitions! Thank you.?

Does anyone know for the Miss World competition what they judge you on please? I know of Miss Sport, Miss Bikini…is there anything else?I am writing an essay on it for my studies but there isn’t much info online…

Could i have some help with a poetry analysis of John Donnes poem “Batter my heart three person’d god: for you?

I need to provide a reading of the poem, and write an essay commenting on the relation of this poem to other poems by John Donne, as well as what the poem actually means, and the use of similes and metaphors, the rhythm and patter in the poem. I could really use some help. The […]

I have a biology question for you?!?

for biology this week we are learning about cancer and the drugs used for treatment. i wanted to know a little more information on how cancer drugs work? i have been asked by my teacher to write a little essay on how they control and treat cancer.i know that cancer drugs prevent DNA from replicating, […]

What are good ways to start a college essay about someone who changed you?

We all decide who changes us. Ultimately it is ourselves. But we are often influenced by many people. From Parents and Teachers to God, Athletes, and Celebrities. Hope this helps.