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Does Essay Writing Software works? if yes which software give the most bucks for your money?

Yes, it really works.

I NEED YOUR HELP>>> english 10 question… HARD?

Satire is a kind of writing that ridicules human vice or folly for the purpose of social reform. Each satirist writes to accomplish a specific purpose, in addition to the general purpose of achieving some kind of reform. For this essay, you will discuss three purposes (general and specific) for satire and three methods used […]

What to ask yourself when your writing a biographical esssay.?

i have to write an essay”i chose my friend cause hes had a big influence in my life.but i never know how to start an essay”i wanna know what questions would help me when writing this essay.ill tell you a little about him.hes a senior in high schoolhes a dj”he has a different outlook on […]

What process do you feel to conform, parents, press, media, gov’t? how can you maintain your individuality?

I’m writing an essay, I have a few ideasshow would I start an essay about it but it. it’s suppose to be a personal narrative essay

To All Americans: What’s Your Opinion of The British?

I am doing an essay on it for school and I want to know what Americans actually think about the British. I have dual-citizenship so I’m neutral towards it, though. Do you believe the stereotype the British are snobby or are you like Seth McFarlane and really respect them just for “being British”?

Buddhists! I need your help! ?

I’m doing a question for an essay on Buddhism and would like your opinions.Who/What would you say is the authority within Buddhism?

Doping, Marijuana … What’s your point of view ?

Hi!i have to do an argumentative essay in my sport sociology class. My topic is: is marijuana should be legalized as doping? Do you have some arguments, no matter your opinion? Thank you P.S. Sociology … not sciences

Boxing: Who is your Hero in boxing?

Why and please explain if possible? I need to write an essay on someone. Thanks a lot

What are your thoughts, opinions, experiences and insight of the ’60s (or hippie generation)?

Again, this is part of my research for my Effective Essay Writing course. Please respond only if you fully consent to your comments, views and anything else that you chose to include being quoted or represented in my work. Thanks everyone, you have proven to be a most valuable resource!

What are your views on abortion?

When do you feel life begins? (e.g when the sperm and egg meet?)What is your views on abortion?Your opinions would really help as this is for an essay im writing up and need as many views as possible!Thanks