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Is Daycare Safe During COVID-19?

If you are a working parent with no one at home to watch your children, you may wonder how safe it is to take your kids to daycare during COVID-19. In an effort to help you make a decision that you can feel good about, here are a few things to look for in a daycare: Local Regulations Depending on where you live in the nation, there may be regulations as to how many pe

How To Empower Your Child To Create Their Own Summer Tutoring Plan

Rather than looking forward to a relaxing vacation on the high seas, you are already stressed about the academic school year. Your children have fallen behind at school. They do not want to do the textbook math exercises. And the European nanny with three languages and the math scholarship is banned from traveling abroad. Study plans overboard! Here's your life jacket

4 Resources To Help Pass Your Online Medical Assistant Classes

Do you want to learn to be a medical assistant using popular online courses? This rewarding job in the health care industry is constantly growing and offers a wide variety of choices for your career direction. But many people are concerned about being able to keep up with online classes and pass the final exam. If you're worried about this, here are a few key resource

Dealing with Separation Anxiety and Day Care

Separation anxiety is very real for any child who will be attending a daycare center or child care center. Even children who have been attending daycare for a long time may suddenly begin to experience some anxiety about their parents leaving. Do you want to know how you can deal with separation anxiety when you bring your child to a child care center? These tips will

Perks Of A Pilot's License

There are many reasons why different people go through flight training. So, while you might have your own reason for learning to fly, the people sitting next to you are in the same class but possibly for totally different reasons. You can learn about some of the different reasons people decide to go through flight training by reading more information that is offered b